Boost conversion rates by up to 5% for flights, hotels, holiday destinations & ancillaries

Social Proof For Travel

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Boost conversion rates for flights, hotels and holiday destinations

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key industry challenges

challenge: low consumer confidence

built trust in destinations

Travel is a big ticket sale. Use peer reviews, sales, views and other real-time trends to convince your customers to choose what's right for them. Taggstar makes travel decisions easier, giving travellers on-site support and assurance before they book.

message examples

  • popularity messaging Real-time audience size and sales volumes help validate purchase decisions.

  • urgency messaging
    Highlight time relevant offers and low deposit rates to drive bookings.

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80+ others booked this hotel with a £50 deposit.
69 others have looked at this hotel in the last hour.

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USA holidays

New York 5th Avenue

£550 pp


2,300 families rated the facilities 5 stars.

challenge: lengthy decision making

harness powerful peer reviews

Aggregating Trip Advisor and other independent travel reviews, our messages support sales with real-time third-party ratings as they are published. Use the crowd to convince customers and cut checkout time.

message examples

  • review messaging Aggregate reviews from families, couples or solo travellers to give better context to a hotel's rating.

  • facility reviews
    Combine reviews about a resorts facilities and quality to give travellers that validation they need.

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challenge: competitive margins

merchandise with social proof

Shopping online is overwhelming, there's too much choice and shoppers can take a long time to make a decision. Taggstar displays real-time recommendations, ratings and sales from others nudging customers to buy from your site.

message examples

  • upsell messaging
    Use the behaviour of the crowd to popularise how in-demand ancillary items are.

  • scarcity messaging
    Highlight how scarce holiday extras are to ensure customers don't miss out.

travel aware - stay safe guide
USA holidays

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