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Use the behaviour of other trend-setters to boost conversion rates and sales by up to 12%
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Use the behaviour of other trend-setters to boost conversion rates and sales

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key industry challenges

challenge: constant discounting

promote the hottest trends

Fashion is fickle. Today’s craze will be out of favour tomorrow. Taggstar’s simple format and persuasive text nudges shoppers to snap up trends when they're hot - and before discounts hurt your online profits.

message examples

  • trending gallery
    Use our trending algorithms to populate your galleries with the fastest selling items

  • popularity messaging Use our dynamic audience size and sales counters to push the latest trends

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20% student discount

pink avon


fit advice!
95% of people said that this runs big

recommended item!
100% of people would recommend this to a friend

challenge: lengthy decision making

high returns

Fit-related returns cost millions in lost revenue and operational expense. Use powerful crowd-sourced, behavioural information like quality and fit reviews, ratings and purchase history to convince shoppers to make the right choice, first time.

message examples

  • recommended items Aggregate positive shopper recommendations to highlight product popularity.

  • fit advice messaging
    Leverage the wisdom of the crowd by aggregating all reviews on fit and size.

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challenge: competitive margins

create the craze and build fomo

Add social proof to signpost and highlight the items that everyone covets. Adding real-time messages to the hottest trends, makes it easy for your shoppers to spot and snap-up the latest fashion craze.

message examples

  • best seller messaging
    Bring the top selling and best rated product straight to the first position with our best sellers.

  • trending messaging
    Hot item messaging and trending flags help your customers discover those must-haves.

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