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Q. What is Taggstar?

There’s nothing stronger than recommendations, ratings and real sales from others to influence how you shop and what you buy.

Taggstar delivers real-time, social proof messages for eCommerce sites, presenting these online shopping trends as useful, actionable information to improve customer engagement and increase sales.

Our messages give consumers the confidence to make better-informed decisions when shopping online. We’ve statistically proven that our messages can increase order conversion rates of both popular-selling items and thousands of long-tail products by up to 12%.

Q. Which eCommerce brands use Taggstar?

Hotter, House of Fraser, In The Style, Jacamo, JD Williams, Littlewoods, Missguided, Matalan, Navabi, SimplyBe, TUI, and Victorian Plumbing - and more, all use Taggstar. Our software can be used by any type of eCommerce website including retail, property, entertainment, travel and finance, to increase conversion rates.

There’s a long list of other household names that also use us - but we can’t tell you about them just yet. 

Q. How does Taggstar work?

Taggstar messages are generated using an intelligent blend of real-time stream processing, our algorithm and individual product and data attributes.

Behind the scenes, the behaviour of your shoppers on your site is analysed in real-time. From this, we’re able to highlight the most popular products and hot trends, allowing us to deliver the right message.

Q. What do your messages look like?

There’s no standard message. We have infinite combinations that can be different for every customer journey.

It’s important to know that we can tag any product or brand attribute and typical messages might include audience size (the number of people looking at an item); sales counter (how many people bought); product trends (how many viewed or added to basket) and stock availability.

All our messages can be customised to your brand’s tone of voice and translated into any language. They can be used on-site and in off-site digital display and remarketing advertising.

We have partnerships with Optimizely, RichRelevance, BazaarVoice, Tealium, Quill, Monetate and others to provide personalisation, content, reviews and other new ways to display Taggstar messages.

Q. How do eCommerce sites use Taggstar?

We typically work with eCommerce optimisation teams to plan an initial A/B test message strategy.

Following the success of the results, we work with you to create an ongoing message strategy and roadmap to support your business priorities. We also encourage you to use our API to continue to innovate with Taggstar and improve optimisation.

You own your data and can view results as they happen using our real-time analytics dashboard. It gives your business invaluable business intelligence with real-time trending data, to better spot purchase patterns and conversion results.

Q. What type of results do Taggstar customers see and how do you know?

Taggstar is statistically-proven to increase order conversion rates by up to 12%. Given the volume of traffic these eCommerce brands are managing, this equates to millions in incremental revenue.

The proof comes from A/B testing. We split your site’s traffic into two groups: control and treatment. The control group do not see our messaging and the treatment group do. Then, we compare the behaviour of the shoppers that do see our messages vs those that do not. 

From this, we know that customers who see our messaging are more likely to engage and buy. This is confirmed by both our own - and your own - independent A/B testing software.

Q. Does Taggstar work with other eCommerce software?

Absolutely. We have partnerships with Tealium, Monetate, BazaarVoice, Optimizely, RichRelevance, Quill, Attraqt and Movable Ink.

These partnerships enable a range of opportunities to create more personalised and relevant messages to improve optimisation and conversion rates both onsite and offsite.

Q. How quickly can Taggstar be deployed?

Very quickly. We’ve designed the process to be simple. We’ve been told by many CTOs that Taggstar is a very quick and easy integration.

Integration of our code is done by adding our JavaScript tag to your eCommerce site using your tag manager.

We have completed integrations with tag management tools such as: Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Ensighten, Adobe DTM and more.

Q. Does Taggstar collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

Taggstar does not collect any personally-identifiable information (PII) such as names, addresses or individual buying behaviour.

Taggstar only collect IP addresses and according to the UK DPA 1998. This in isolation is not classed as PII. 

Taggstar looks at aggregated and anonymised behaviour of your shoppers as a group, monitoring behaviour such as how many items have been purchased in total or how many people are looking at an item at any given time.

Taggstar also aggregates review data or looks at how many items are left in stock.

Q. Does Taggstar let me try before I buy?

Yes. The option is there to try before you buy. Some customers go straight to contract. Some customers have a paid trial beforehand. Depending on your site traffic, definitive results may take longer, but this will allow you to understand how the messages can be used and the potential impact on your business.

We have a compelling ROI calculator that helps you to create the business case for your assurance before you move into a longer-term contract.

GDPR & Taggstar

Q. What data is collected - is this classed PII – including IP?

Taggstar collects anonymous user order and browsing data. This includes a user’s IP address which is not considered to be PII under the current act.  GDPR does not change this definition.

Q. Where and how is this collected?

This data is collected from any website where the Taggstar code is deployed. The data is collected by JavaScript code on certain website pages including Product List pages, Product Details Pages, basket pages and Order confirmation pages. The Taggstar JavaScript code communicates when a visitor has viewed a product as well as when they have placed an order, including each item that was bought. This information is passed back to the Taggstar platform for processing, reporting and storing.

Q. Where is the data stored?

Amazon Web Services, Dublin, Ireland and London, England.

Q. What is it used for?

Order data and browsing data is used to create the social proof messages. IP addresses and browser cookies are used as an anonymous identifying mechanism for a user or users. The identification of a “user" is done to ensure the accuracy of Taggstar's messages.

Q. How long is it kept?

This depends on the data in question, but browser cookies are stored for 90 days. Reporting event data, such as order data and IP addresses, follow our retention policy which is detailed and defined in our ISMS documents (which we'll happily send on request).

Q. Do you use any third party to store or process the data?

Yes. Data is stored on Amazon Web Services in Dublin, Ireland.

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