taggstar's black friday report - 2016

The impact of social proof on Black Friday sees our messaging drive conversion increases of up to 3.75%.

Peter Buckley

taggstar's black friday report - 2016

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3.75% Uplift To Conversions On Black Friday

The impact of social proof on Black Friday sees our messaging drive conversion increases of up to 3.75%.

Taggstar provides real-time, social proof messaging for e-commerce to drive increased sales conversions and revenue along with better customer engagement and reduction in basket abandonment.

We know shoppers can be overwhelmed with choice online, but there’s nothing stronger than recommendations, ratings and real sales from others to guide your customers down the purchase funnel. Taggstar uses those trends to tag any information or product with real-time message to assure customers with social proof others are buying too. 

Each year we look at how our messages performed on Black Friday and love to compare the role social proof messaging plays year-on-year. It’s a fascinating case in shopper behaviour to see how the transparent buying patterns of shoppers improve the sales conversions of others. In 2016, we delivered close to a staggering 120 million real-time social proof messages for customers on some of the UK’s largest online retailers, which contributed to increasing revenue. When there are so many bargains to be had, we can see that our messages are helping shoppers to make a quicker, more confident decision to buy.

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Cyber Saturday, Sunday & Monday 

Shoppers on Taggstar’s partner sites took a break over the weekend. Traffic fell 50% compared to the big Black Friday day before. The impact of Black Friday promotions starting over up to two weeks before Black Friday dampened the dramatic peak of previous years. The effect of this is that Black Friday is not only just a day, but a series of events with spend spread over a wider time period.


Taggstar made a marked difference to retailers over the Black Friday four-day weekend. We delivered more messages, for more online retailers - seen by more of their customers - than 2014 and 2015. When these shoppers saw one of our product trending message and clicked ‘buy’, they added to the ‘message cloud’, further promoting products and contributing to an overall conversion rate uplift. Taggstar makes a difference to retailer’s top line revenue over the busiest online shopping period in history. That’s why the largest retailers in the UK continue to innovate with Taggstar’s extended product range of message types to optimise the uplift in sales conversions throughout the year.

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