shop direct boosts online sales conversion rates by 2.7%

Taggstar’s social proof messaging shown throughout the customer journey including gallery, product and basket pages.

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about shop direct

Shop Direct is a world-class digital retailer and the UK’s fourth-largest online. It sells over 1,000 famous brands and delivers 48 million products to four million customers each year. 

Committed to digital innovation, the retailer was the UK’s first to build an in-house user experience lab and is using it to test new technologies with customers, as well as identify ways to personalise and enhance the online shopping experience. It was recently-awarded Retail Technology Initiative of the Year at the Oracle Retail Week Awards 2015 for its experimentation at scale programme.

“taggstar has been the single-biggest driver of incremental revenues”

Jonathan Wall - Group eCommerce Director, Shop Direct Group, 2015

Hundreds of millions of Taggstar messages help Shop Direct grow revenues by over £14m*

*£14m figure is the revenue uplift generated by the treatment group over the experiment period.

page: product list page

adding guided navigation

Our trending algorithms highlight fast-selling items on product list pages. The technology is statistically proven to increase clickthrough rates and improve conversions. By adding guided navigation to Shop Direct’s websites, shoppers are able to find best-selling items faster.

message examples

  • best seller messaging Bring the top selling and best rated product straight to the first position with our best sellers.

  • trending messaging
    Hot item messaging and trending flags help your customers discover those must-haves.

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#1 best seller

Going fast! 55 have been
purchased in the last 48 hrs.

“Being a values led business at our heart, we have to make sure our partners we chose have similar values to us...and I think the innovative value is one we matched and saw with Taggstar as a business.”

Jonathan Wall, Group eCommerce Director, Shop Direct Group, 2015

95 others are looking at this right now.
Going fast! 55 have been
purchased in the last 48 hrs.

page: product details page

highlighting popularity

A range of our real-time messages are shown on products throughout both Shop Direct’s sites. Shoppers can see details about how many others are browsing, product popularity and aggregated reviews. This relevant and contextual information, shown at the right time in the shopper’s journey, gives shoppers more confidence to buy.

message examples

  • trending messaging Rate of sale of fast-selling and long-tail items help customers understand demand.

  • popularity messaging
    Dynamic audience size and sales counters better inform your customer's purchase decision.

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“What we found with Taggstar was that we were impressed with the technology, but also the level of service and support, so it was a straight forward decision for us.”

Sam Barton, Head of User Experience, Shop Direct Group

page: basket page

reducing basket abandonment

By highlighting fast-selling items on basket pages, our messages statistically reduce basket abandonment rates. Our social proof messages give customers the extra validation that what they are buying is right, at the most critical point of their shopping journey. More shoppers seeing Taggstar messages at this stage, click and convert rather than abandon.

message examples

  • scarcity messaging
    Real-time stock and add-to-basket volumes on a basket page means shoppers don't miss out.

  • popularity messaging
    Popularity messaging at the basket page helps customers avoid 'basket shock'.

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50 people also have this in their basket
Going fast! 55 have been
purchased in the last 48 hrs.

“What we saw during Black Friday was with the amount of traffic hitting our site, Taggstar was able to show as many as 400 messages per second...we are that confident in the tool and the platform that we ensure 100% of our customers saw these messages.”

Stephen Gale, Senior UX/UI Designer, Shop Direct Group

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