4.57% conversion rate uplift After Adding Taggstar In Just Eight Days

Oasis wanted our social proof messages live quickly to make the most of its busiest time of the year - its summer sale. Onboarding took just eight days, and the fashion giant has seen an impressive 4.57% conversion rate uplift since July 2019. Here's how we did it.

We know that easy onboarding is a big deal for brands who are considering new website optimisation tools. Making sure that our deployments are as smooth and pain-free is a major goal. We're all about giving our customers value from their first interaction with us.

We're an enterprise software and some integration is required. But, as the experience of fashion retailer Oasis shows, our customer onboarding process means that our social proof messages can deliver conversion rate uplift in under 10 days.


Oasis is a fashion destination for both style and substance, just like the multi-faceted, multi-talented women who choose to shop with it. Since first opening its doors in 1991, the retailer has designed affordable, accessible and remarkable collections for women that aspire to look good, feel good and live good. 


It now has over 80 solus stores in the UK and Ireland and trades in 84 locations across 22 countries in Europe, Far East, Middle East, Australasia and South America, plus online at www.oasis-stores.com. Whether it’s in a boutique-style solus store, an iconic department store, a leading supermarket or part of our award-winning digital channels, Oasis is brilliantly positioned to be exactly where its customer want to shop. 


It wanted to trial Taggstar’s messages during its summer sale, to see how we could maximise sales and give its online conversions a further boost.   With the sale about the start, we had to move quickly.

Requirements Analysis 

Once Oasis had made the decision to evaluate our software, its digital project manager had a kickoff call with our Customer Success team to agree the onboarding project plan. We used this brief, plus Oasis' design form, to provide an engineering spec.

Our pre-sales team had already confirmed that Oasis had everything in place to make onboarding straightforward. This included a Google Tag Manager data layer and Google Optimise for third-party A/B website testing.

Message UX Design

Alongside Taggstar's library of message types, including purchases, add-to-basket, and audience volumes, Oasis was the first retailer (the world's first in fact), to use our new "Since you Last Visited" personalised social proof message. 

These tell customers what's happened since the last time they were on a product page like, "Popular: Purchased 13 times since your last visit two days ago."

Design mockups and on-brand message copy were quickly approved. 


After the project requirements were agreed, our onboarding team started work and completed the integration code and test phase of the project in four days. 

Taggstar integrates by adding a javascript tag, through your tag manager, to your conversion page and any page you wish to display social proof on. We can then pick up all the data required to power the social proof from the data layer. 

This left four days for testing the social proof message UI/UX, and to complete data validation. In this step, we worked with Oasis to ensure that shoppers' behavioural data was being collected and processed accurately for display in the social proof messages. 

This ensures shoppers are being given accurate information to assist with buying decisions. 


The whole onboarding process went without a hitch, and Taggstar was live on www.oasis-stores.com in July 2019, just eight working days after the first requirements call.  Since adding the software the retailer has seen conversion rate uplift of 4.57%.

Liam Price, digital director at Oasis said: “The Taggstar messages instigate an informed purchase, but we don’t want to drive impulse purchases. Our objective is to drive quality demand.”

It's now on Oasis’ future roadmap to explore where else in the customer buying journey it can benefit from injecting social proof messaging to engage customers and drive up conversion rates, such as in-store digital displays and in social media.