Fashion Forward NA-KD Uses Crowd-Powered Product Trends to Drive Online Fashion Success

The Challenge

Fashion-forward brand NA-KD was launched in Sweden in 2016. It is primarily an online retailer, taking over affordable and on-trend online fashion and accessories, with on-trend styles. It’s supported by a tribe of international brand ambassadors and content creators, which allows it to update constantly with new content and styles.

The retailer is rapidly expanding, with several new international regional websites due to launch by the end of the year. 

With its customers at the heart of everything it does, its goal is to provide the best online shopping experience across all channels. Described as ‘digitally native’, NA-KD was born online and, as it continues to expand, aims to deliver a smooth shopping experience with the latest eCommerce optimisation tools.

The conversation with Taggstar started in 2016. Its social proof deployment is managed by a growth team, which is tasked with increasing onsite revenue.

Already a convert to the power of the crowd in retail sales, NA-KD began testing Taggstar in mid-2016, and after a successful test, permanently extended social proof messaging to 100% of site traffic from mid-2017.

The Solution

Social sharing in close collaboration with some of the most sought-after influencers in the fashion industry is core to NA-KD’s relationship with its followers and customers.  

The NA-KD web experience is built by making the most of its crowd of influencers and customers. Its merchandising reflects this social vibe, with social follower counts, use of social icons, love heart ‘likes’, social sharing and more, to crowd-source and display shopper feedback.   

Using the social proof trends that it aggregates from product likes, sales and add to basket volumes, the brand already showcases real-time ‘Most Wanted’ products on its webpage.

Using Taggstar allows it to reflect these crowd-powered trends for every single product as it is viewed, liked and bought.


Taggstar works by aggregating anonymised behaviour from other online shoppers' sessions. The software’s Trend Algorithm pulls real-time trends from the behaviour of other shoppers. 


NA-KD uses Taggstar on its product detail (PDP) pages. The brand has chosen audience (views) and purchase (sales) counts, trending products, and last purchased (“Bought 30 seconds ago”), to show its customers real-time trends.   

Example messages include:

Customer Success Team Support & Message Customisation

Taking the social aspects of its website onboard, Taggstar worked to custom design messaging that both suited the brand’s style, and incorporated enterprise social proof best practice. Its messages reflect an image style, size, opacity and product page positioning that is optimised for maximum exposure to NA-KD customers, while not disrupting the product image and information.


Adding Taggstar to the NA-KD website was easily done with a simple integration using Google Tag Manager. Its first social proof experiment soon followed.

Testing & Optimisation

NA-KD tracks and measures all its test results through the Taggstar customer dashboard and Google Analytics. Available to all brand users, the dashboard tracks the results of all its experiments, including the conversion rate uplift, revenue and incremental orders attributed to product pages showing Taggstar messages. Results are viewable per experiment, and as an average across all experiments.

To July 2019, NA-KD has completed four social proof A/B tests. Starting with an initial test between September and October 2016, it split site traffic 50:50. This allowed it to compare conversion rate uplift, revenue and orders uplift from customers seeing Taggstar, to a control group that didn’t.

Use was a success from the first experiment. Between Sept and Oct 2016, the test showed a 2.54% conversion rate uplift and revenue uplift directly attributed to Taggstar social proof messaging. 

The power of social proof to convert customers was clear. NA-KD was convinced, the software was permanently extended to 100% of site traffic.  It continues to regularly test Taggstar performance, with three other social proof A/B tests in Feb 2017, April and May 2019.