Joules Improves Online Results with Taggstar & BazaarVoice Social Proof Innovation

We wanted to share the results of a new experiment - just in - from one of the UK’s best known lifestyle brands, Joules. By adding BazaarVoice review data to its Taggstar social proof messaging, it has seen incremental increases to its online revenue, conversion rate and orders. 

Here’s the detail behind its latest successful experiment.

Joules has been using Taggstar to optimise online customer conversions and revenues since early 2019. Its existing real-time social proof messages display product popularity, trending and add-to-basket messages on its PDP (product details page) and basket pages.

Joules was quickly able to attribute an increase in online conversions, by making it easier for its customers to chose products and checkout.  

Live examples include:

PSST! 12 people are looking at this right now! and ‘JUST LETTING YOU KNOW… 19 people have looked at this recently.’

Between Christmas 2019 and February 2020 Joules ran a new social proof experiment combining Taggstar and BazaarVoice review data. The retailer added the combined messages to its product page:

Results have been impressive, with incremental increases to a number of online goals:

  • +1.8% conversion rate rise
  • +1.5% revenue increase
  • +1.8% orders increase

Ralph Percival, eCommerce director, Joules said of the combined Taggstar & BazaarVoice experiment: “We knew that review data was important to support our online customers. Our existing Taggstar social proof messages give us the channel to surface this information on our product pages, and incremental results have been excellent. We will now continue to show review data alongside our other Taggstar messages.”