Joules Revenue & Conversion Rates Up by 6% With Taggstar Social Proof Messaging


Started over 30 years ago by Tom Joule, Joules is now one of the UK’s best known lifestyle brands. In 2011, Tom described its business model as creating clothing with "colour, fun and entertainment." This is something that the Joules HQ team in Market Harborough continues to do across high street and online stores.

The brand has now expanded its operations and operates retail websites in the UK, USA and Germany. Interested in software tools that would optimise customer conversions and revenues, Joules’ eCommerce team began testing Taggstar in early 2019, and was rewarded by strong results across their online goals within 30 days.


With its two international websites successfully launched, Joules wanted to deliver a common customer experience.

It’s UK-based eCommerce team, which controls the global online experience, was already using a number of online optimisation tools including Monetate for testing, and a cart abandonment analysis tool. The team had seen social proof messaging on other successful retail sites, and was interested in the impact that the software could make to Joules’ sales and revenue.

The team began talking to Taggstar in mid 2018, and following a technical and design phase, it launched its first social proof messaging trial during the busy Christmas and New Year sales period.

Added to bag

product data

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Added to basket

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Full funnel social proof messaging


Taggstar is the leader in social proof messaging. It was first to launch enterprise-grade software for the largest retail brands in 2013.  Its SaaS software displays messages about product trends, sales, stock volumes and review data, to nudge and encourage conversions.  

The software algorithm collects aggregated data from other shoppers using Joules’ websites. This data is used to display messages at planned times in the online shopping journey.  Joules chose to show product popularity, trending and add-to-basket messages on its PDP (product details page) and basket pages.

With its strong brand identity, areas such as message design, page position and tone of voice were key concerns for the Joules team. Because Taggstar messages can be customised to suit each retail brand, its onboarding team was able to support Joules’ designers with messaging templates, design guidance, message placement and message content.

The results are non-invasive but impactful social proof messages, which don't disturb the hero product image, and which are prominent enough to support customers with key product trends. These messages have been conclusively proven successful via A/B testing, to grow Joules’ sales.

Live examples include ‘QUICK... 15 people have added to their bag in the last couple of days’, ‘JUST LETTING YOU KNOW… 19 people have looked at this recently.’

After a simple Javascript container integration with Joules’ Adobe tag manager, the Taggstar trial began in January 2019.


The impact of Taggstar was clear well before the end of the initial 30 day A/B trial.

Across its PDP and basket pages, Joules saw an impressive 6% uplift to its revenue and conversion rate.  It also tracked:

  • 2% reduction in cart abandonment
  • 1.5% increase in add-to-cart rate
  • 0.7% boost to average order value (AOV)

Ralph Percival, eCommerce director within Joules said: “I’ve been very impressed with conversion and revenue uplift we’ve seen in such a short amount of time, using Taggstar.”

Taggstar continues to work with Joules’ eCommerce and data analysis managers, to optimise its social proof messages. It will be adding new messages, in the form of review data, in the next few weeks.