In The Style Conversion rates spike with an uplift of 5.3% using taggstar social proof messaging

Global Social Proof helping launch an international brand


Started in 2013 by Adam Frisby, In The Style offers trend-led fast fashion at reasonable prices. Now an international brand, with sites in the UK, US, Australian and across Europe, its styles are adored and adorned by celebrities in the spotlight.

Its goal is to empower women to feel good about themselves and how they look, adding new styles daily, and supported by global shipping, and easy returns.

Looking to boost customer conversions and sales further, the brand started using social proof messaging from Taggstar in early 2018, seeing strong spikes for each of their goals within weeks. 


In The Style’s eCommerce team is always looking for new ways to increase conversions and sales through a better customer experience. It recognises that with over four thousand styles online at any one time, it needs to help customers, who can be overwhelmed by the amount of choice.

With their heads turned by new trends, customers can be indecisive, clicking on and off items, and adding arbitrarily to the basket, before dropping out of the buy journey. It’s a pattern that’s launched a search to find tools that encourage conversions.  

In The Style’s Dane Stanley and Finn Christo, were previous Taggstar users at other major online brands.  With the goals of boosting conversions and sales, Finn began trialling Taggstar’s SaaS software for real-time social proof messaging, between February and March 2018.


Initially tested on the In The Style product display pages (PDP) and then its basket pages, Taggstar uses information about the behaviour of other shoppers to show who’s bought, added to bag or checked an item out. The messages engage customers and encourage them to buy by signposting the most popular items, reducing their decision making and purchase time. 

The messages work using Taggstar’s Trend AlgorithmTM  to aggregate and display up-to-the-second detail about product popularity, sales, and stock scarcity, at planned times in the customer journey. A perfect fit with the wants and needs of the brand’s female customer as the messages also inject a sense of FOMO, encouraging them to buy before the item sells out.

Tailored to the In The Style tone of voice to bring the brand closer to its customers, typical product messages include:

Buy Journey Success
Proven by the brand’s A/B testing experiments, Taggstar shortens the time between product consideration and checkout. The positive tests also show that customers who’ve seen Taggstar messages about the habits of their peers, are more confident in what they have chosen, are encouraged to complete the sale, and are more likely to convert, than those who didn’t.

Revenues & Average Order Value Leap

Also evidenced by the PDP page experiments, cumulative revenues generated during the 24 day trial, saw hundreds of extra orders and more than £38,000 in revenue uplift, owing to the group of customers who saw Taggstar messages, compared to the group who didn’t. Likewise, average order value was also significantly higher where Taggstar messages were shown.

Product Trend Insights

As the messages are compiled, the rich, aggregated data is collected giving the organisation valuable, product trending data for stock inventory planning, future buying and optimising its online merchandising.


Taggstar was first was tested on In The Style’s product detail page (PDP) and then on the basket page. Both experiments were impressive, with the winner yielding a conversion rate uplift of 5.3% over just 24 days.

We’ve known for a long time that Taggstar messages are statistically-proven, via A/B testing to increase sales conversions and revenue. The In The Style tests are solid (social) proof of using the power of the crowd to sell online.

In The Style are looking to test Taggstar through its entire shopping funnel - from product page to basket. And, because we’ve already seen higher uplift of conversions with full funnel message deployments with other successful customer experiments, we’re sure that more extra orders and cash will follow.