Bensons for Beds Sees Online Conversion Uplift of Over 3% With Taggstar


Steinhoff Retail is a global retail group with local brands in over 30 countries. It adds value to its customers’ lifestyles by providing everyday products at affordable prices and serving them at their convenience.

In the UK, one of its brands, Bensons for Beds, is a retailer of sleep solutions with a fast-growing online channel. In 2017 it became the pioneer of a new group strategy to test how social proof messaging could convert customers and sales. 

With the goal of using best-of-breed enterprise retail technology to optimise the Bensons site, the retailer measured a 3.16% increase in its conversion rate using Taggstar social proof messaging.   Here’s how it happened.

The Challenge

As the UK’s leading bed retailer Bensons wanted to optimise its website sales. The brand’s eCommerce teams recognised that online customers were missing out on the type of expert assistance that its in-store assistants provided.  

Bensons’ customers had historically gone instore to try out beds and mattresses with the help of a store assistant.  With the growing popularity of its online channel, the brand wanted a way to provide similar expert help and support online.  It recognised that this was important to deliver a better online experience, to help online customers to navigate its products, to empower them to make quicker, more informed buying decisions, to reduce churn and to ultimately increase sales revenue. 

The solution was to test how social proof could provide this engagement by highlight trending and popular products using real-time shopping trends from other customers.

The Solution

Taggstar collects and aggregates anonymised trends from the shopping behaviour of previous customers. These real-time trends are shown as on-page messages which engage shoppers with a product, help them to shortlist and to make a confident buying decision.  For retailers, the messages are proven to increase conversions and sales revenue.

Bensons for Beds began talking to Taggstar in July 2018. Its team chose to display which products were popular and trending, along with ‘add to bag’ volumes on both sites’ product details page (PDP) and basket pages.  These included messages like “79 others added to their basket today.”


Using templates and message mockups supplied by Taggstar’s Customer Success (CSM) team it was able to develop and launch designs that matched social proof messaging best practice. And, after a simple integration with the website’s Google Tag Manager data layer, Taggstar went live on the Bensons for Beds website in October 2018.

Example messages include:


After an experiment running for six months between November 2018 and July 2019, Taggstar’s in-built A/B testing tool recorded significant online conversion uplift and increased revenue that was directly attributed to using social proof messaging:

  • 3.16% conversion rate uplift
  • Revenue uplift: £120,000
  • Gross profit uplift: £48,000
  • 1,496% ROI on investment

Paula Riley, Steinhoff said: “Using Taggstar has given us impressive online results. We set out to improve the experience for our online customers and it’s rewarding to clearly track uplift in our revenue directly to using social proof messaging.”