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Ever been so convinced by something that you've read, seen or heard, that you've totally switched your opinion or what you were about to do?

When we change the way we normally behave or think because we've been influenced by what other people have done - that's social proof.

As result of the research and writing of Robert Cialdini, a known authority on the reasons why people say 'yes', social proof explains the phenomenon of being so convinced by a peer, that our actions change.

Cialdini defines six ways, or principles, that define the science behind persuasion: Reciprocity;Scarcity;Authority;Consistency;Liking and Consensus.

Some people use social proof as a template for their personal influence and success. Taggstar applies it to grow eCommerce sales, revenue and to reward large online brands with a better online conversion rate!

The way we do this is by collecting and aggregating different sources of online customer behaviour, (we call them trends). We then replay these in the form of social proof messages, that can appear in the product itself, the product list page, the basket page, or throughout the entire sales funnel.

You might see them as '52 people have bought this in the last 24 hours' or 'top pick', or 'Great choice! 15 people are looking at this right now.' It's our way of letting the eCommerce site tell its customers what its crowd of other shoppers have done. In turn, influencing their buying behaviour.

Knowing what we know about the power of other people, and proven by Cialdini, Taggstar's messages help make shoppers more likely to buy. And it's a statistical-fact, shown time and time again by our A/B testing experiments, that he was right. Social proof product messages absolutely influences better revenue, sales and conversion rates.

social proof is all we do. all day. every day.

The industry's most experienced social proof messaging provider, with category-leading features.

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feature rich social Proof platform

  • fully responsive

    Show social proof messages across any device and platform.

  • full-funnel messaging

    Deliver messages throughout the customer journey.

  • javascript integration

    Implement our JavaScript tag using your tag manager.

  • in-built a/b testing

    Enterprise grade A/B testing built right in.

  • real-time dashboard

    Monitor performance of your experiments.

  • social proof metrics

    Rich social metrics provide invaluable intelligence.

fully responsive and cross platform

Our social proof messaging is fully responsive, which means each message will respond perfectly to your customer's device. Take total control and customise your messages for each experience.

Responsive social proof messages

full funnel messaging

Display messaging at any point in the funnel. Our social proof is gathered against all your products, so wherever they are displayed, from home page to basket, you can show messaging.

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Basket page

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Full funnel social proof messaging

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