We're Coming to America!


Marjorie Leonidas


January 12, 2019

Our software is already a big hit with UK and European brands, and we're excited to be launching Taggstar to US, Canadian and LatAm retailers at NRF 2019!

Following the success of our software with UK and European retail, travel and fast fashion brands, we're launching Taggstar to US, Canadian and LatAm retail brands at NRF.

With some retailers seeing impressive results of up to 12% conversion rate uplift, our social proof software is already a tech favourite with large UK retailers and pure-play eCommerce brands, for its proven power to increase conversions, boost sales and reduce basket abandonment on their online stores.

Today’s launch is not the first time Taggstar has been used in The Americas. Our technology, which captures and displays real-time shopping trends, stock data and reviews, is already used on the USA eCommerce site of Taggstar’s long-time customers, footwear brand, Hotter Shoes, and on the USA and Canada site for fast fashion retailer, Missguided.

In a world where social influencers, peers and other shoppers have a massive impact on the way that we shop how we buy, we're known to add excitement to the shopping experience. Our messages collect and display real-time trends about what others are buying, what’s trending and selling fast. They also show how many of a product are left in stock, fit details, and online reviews to excite and engage customers, and encourage them to buy.

Hotter Shoes, uses Taggstar on its USA, EU and German eCommerce sites. The brand saw a 5% revenue boost after its first social proof experiment alone. Victoria Betts, its Global Omni-Channel Director says: “We’re delighted with our partnership with Taggstar, enabling us to present customer relevant persuasive messaging to enhance the Hotter shopping experience.  Since launching social proofing, our revenue and conversion has increased sizeably, and we’re also seeing positive engagement metrics and interactions with our organic social platforms.”

Our NRF launch comes after six successful years, during which we've has become a valued online marketing software for some of the largest UK and European eCommerce websites.  Early this year, we also announced new innovation, in partnership with Posterscope. Our messages were used in an impressive Black Friday campaign for Shop Direct's brand The brand’s digital out of home campaign used Taggstar to display product sales volumes, giving the pure play brand an offline presence on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and encouraging consumers to buy.

Marjorie Leonidas, our CEO, said: “We’re excited about the impact Taggstar can make.  We’ve statistically proven that we can drive results throughout the online shopping funnel and, the digital media and in-store innovations we’ve introduced this year make it the perfect time to make our software available to brands in the USA, Canada and LatAm.”

About Taggstar

We deliver real-time, social proof product messages for eCommerce. Our messages are statistically-proven to increase conversions by up to 12% for customers including Shop Direct, N Brown, Missguided, TUI Uk & Ireland, In The Style, Hotter and Victorian Plumbing. Taggstar shows the behavior of other shoppers including product popularity, trends, scarcity and reviews, encouraging others to buy. We've received eCommerce award shortlistings for our work with Shop Direct; 2017 nominations by Drapers, Tech.Awards by Retail Week and Retail Systems for our work with N Brown; and 2018 nominations by Tech.Awards by Retail Week and Retail Systems for our work with Missguided.

Download Taggstar's US retail whitepaper 'Boosting eCommerce Conversions in 2019' to use social proof during this year's retail peaks.

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