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Looking To Personalize Your Social Proof? Taggstar Makes It Possible.


Andrew Lucas


April 23, 2019

Taggstar is the first to launch new, personalized social proof messages. These increase the ways you can deliver content, deals and other interactions, to enhance customer experience, and improve profitability

Momentum around personalized marketing has been building for some years, but it’s reached a peak in the last 12 months with the launch of several enterprise technology analyst reports.

IBM’s 2016 omnichannel report card said that “Customers expect to see relevant product assortment, content, offers, and promotions. No longer does one website fit all shoppers,” and last summer, Gartner launched its Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines, propelling relevant and informative personalization to the forefront of eCommerce and digital marketing trends.

Some commentators have gone even further. It’s not enough, says Capgemini, to purely segment your customer offer. We’re now in the domain of hyper-personalization, which is about “adapting your customer relationship in real time, in terms of the offers provided and the overall customer experience.”

While clearly personalization is a broad term, experts are looking at how customer-focused digital interactions, which deliver messaging such as content, offers, and other interactions, enhance customer experience, and improve profitability.

We’ve watched closely as personalized marketing has emerged and, through our work with early adopter eCommerce brands, have extended our social proof portfolio to include a new, personalized message category.  These are available from today.

How it Works

Our new Taggstar messages aggregate real-time product views, add-to-cart, and sales volumes since the individual shopper last visited a product page.

For example, any website visitor returning to a product page will, therefore, see a social proof message that is personalized to their behavior, and the messages can be shown on the product display page and at the cart.  Here’s how they might look:

- For purchases: “Since your last visit 2 days ago, 22 others purchased this.”

- For add-to-cart volumes: “Since your last visit 1 day ago, 12 others added to bag.”

- For audience volumes: “Since your last visit 2 days ago, 33 others looked at this.”

The messages are configured to display specifics about the visitor’s engagement with the product (2 days ago you visited this item….), and to increase their product consideration using the behavior of other shoppers (22 others have bought this…).

The powerful social proof combination is a clear way to tell customers that others are viewing that item, how quickly it’s selling and how many have sold. It’s another way to nudge shoppers towards the cart and to increase online conversions and revenue.

Taggstar is the only social proof message provider to offer personalized social proof. It’s just one of the message types that are available as standard to all our customers. They’re another way to drive conversion uplift by as much as 12%.

Talk to Taggstar today about adding social proof messaging to your eCommerce site.

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