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3 Peak Season Email Strategies for Maximum Retail Results


Julio Lopez


October 14, 2019

Want to make your digital marketing campaigns stand out from the noise this peak season? Here's how adding social proof secret sauce can make them sizzle.

Customers are being bombarded with messages, so this means that retail marketers need to create dynamic, personalised and engaging experiences to stand out from the noise. during retail peak season.

As social proof messaging experts, and with the benefit of seeing the results of many digital marketing experiments, we'd like to share some ideas to optimise your 2019 campaigns.

1. Planning and preparation

A little organisation goes a long way. Getting a headstart means you are able to communicate with customers sooner. This is particularly important before Black Friday because early shoppers outspend late shoppers. The sooner you plan your campaigns and your goals, the fewer errors there will be and the more revenue you will generate. And for the 27% of customers who are shopping on or after Black Friday, there’s still a significant amount of money at play for retailers to try and capture - don’t forget to plan for Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and the rest of Cyber Week.

2. Focus on your customer experience in your email campaigns

Your customer experience can make or break your peak season results. Consumers are looking for personalisation and connected cross-channel experiences. Whatever the channel, we’re influenced by others and are more likely to purchase an item if people like us have also bought it. It’s a proven psychological fact that customers follow the crowd when they see others take an interest in a product or service. It’s the principle that Taggstar is built upon.

When it comes to upgrading your customer experience, our software makes it possible to inject as much real-time product data as possible into your email campaigns. Working with our partner Movable Ink you can now aggregate and display real-time trends like live stock volumes, sales volumes, add-to-basket volumes and views. These impress on the consumer that time is limited for a certain promotion, creating urgency to buy.

During the holidays, sales prices and product inventory can fluctuate a lot. Especially during intense retail events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Taggstar also makes it possible to add inventory to your campaign so that you can improve also highlight popular products where stock might be running low.

This real-time data helps guide the consumer to the right product and make the right product choice. This gives shoppers a more detailed and contextual up-to-date story than a store assistant could. 

From a retailer's point of view, it also drives conversions and revenue. The data from our A/B tests shows that shoppers are up to 12% more likely to convert when they've seen a social proof message. It's statistically-proven!

3. Continue to display social proof through your digital marketing channels and onsite

It's important to show social proof messages during the research and discovery phase. Shoppers will be drawn to your website from an email, a shoppable social media post, a digital retargeting ad or other marketing touchpoint. This is important given the significant - and growing - influence of digital channels on an eventual sale. By showing trend data early in this research phase, retailers can help their customers to navigate to suitable products while reinforcing why they should buy. This early exposure to trusted social proof on social and digital channels, can make the difference between a pass or a purchase.

Although online shopping via a website is still important, in many cases, the consumer never touches the retailer’s website to research or buy. Today’s shopper may click through from a dynamic email, an advert, or from a social media story, photo or brand video as part of an offsite digital customer journey.

Whether the customer buys directly from a social media channel or if they click through to a retail website, showing social proof messages through their journey helps to build customer trust and prevents ‘basket shock’ at checkout. By reinforcing why the shopper should choose an item (with popularity, trending products or limited stock messages for example), you've provided maximum product information and reduced the risk of any nasty surprises.

Commercial pay-back can be huge, one major fashion brand using Taggstar measured a 2% reduction in cart abandonment and a 1.5% increase in its add-to-cart rate.

Every year, we’re fascinated by the strong retail results that social proof delivers over Golden Quarter events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Year-on-year, it delivers the goods. When there are so many bargains on offer, the power of the crowd continues to be statistically-proven to help shoppers to make confident and faster buying decisions.

This peak season 2019 join some of the largest retailers, including Shop Direct, Joules, N Brown Group, Missguided, Matalan, Oasis and others who use Taggstar.

Read more in the full Holiday Season 2019 eBook here.

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