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Sustainability and fashion: what’s next? (part 1)

Marjorie Leonidas spoke with Sylvie Freund-Pickavance, Strategy & Business Development Director for The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, to talk about what the future looks like for sustainability in retail and the fashion industry.

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Message from CEO Marjorie Leonidas

Since the lockdown began way back in March, it has been heartening to see how many people, communities and enterprises are ready to reach out and help those in need. This month Taggstar is supporting People’s Kitchen/To Your Door.

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Help consumers buy the right phones and tablets with confidence online

Screen time. It’s hardly news, but mobile phone usage is going up. Buying a phone is a very personal choice, and complex decision. With stores shuttered, anyone who wants to buy or upgrade a phone must go online. 

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Help every online customer pick the right mobile device

Cell cycle. Life under lockdown would be even tougher without our cell phones and tablets. So many people like to shop for a new device in person, but restrictions on shopping in real life anyone who wants to buy or upgrade must go online.

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Athleisure wear sales take off as Americans #stayhome

No school run, no commute, no trip to the gym - no sweat! For most us, it’s time for something loose, something stretchy, something comfy – sweatpants, leggings and oversize T shirts.

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When it’s OK to wear your gym kit to work

Tempting as it is to stay in your PJs, it does help to get dressed if you’re going to work, even if it’s only at the kitchen table. When we look better, we feel better. Which explains #stayhome is boosting sales of active and leisurewear.

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How to give petcare shoppers a great online experience

Pet lovers united! As a sign of just how important pets are to daily life, the government classes walking a dog as an ‘essential activity’ during the coronavirus lockdown, and pet stores are allowed to stay open.

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How to help pet owners make good online purchasing decisions

Fur baby boom! Pet owners are no longer content to simply provide their animals with a supply of regular petfood, basic bedding and simple toys. The market has an explosion in premium foods, natural treats and personalised accessories.

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A personal message of thanks to the NHS from Taggstar CEO Marjorie Leonidas

Over the last three weeks, the public outpouring of kindness and thankfulness to NHS workers has been utterly inspiring. On behalf of myself and my team at Taggstar, I wanted to contribute.

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How beauty brands can connect online in the age of social distancing

Screen time: ready for your close up? Social lives have moved online with friends getting together via video for happy hour to share a ‘quarantini’, a fun quiz or exercise class is the new normal. 

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Taking the cosmetics counter to consumers under lockdown

#WFH: putting on your best face! We still have appear professional in front of the boss, colleagues and clients on all those video calls. They’re going to see us (and our ungroomed eyebrows) more close up and personal than ever.

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How Brits are tooling up for months of learning, working and playing at home

Hundreds of thousands of people are in need of additional hardware - computers and monitors, headsets and so on – in order to do their job. The whole family at home all day means a lot more meal planning and cooking.

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"Our tests are conclusive: customers who see Taggstar’s messages are more likely to checkout and spend more. Taggstar has been the single biggest driver of incremental revenues".

Jonathan Wall

eCommerce Director

“Considering all of the tests we’ve run with Taggstar have been a big success, it means that we’ll always try and take that dynamic and apply it elsewhere”.

Paul Hornby

eCommerce Director

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2.7% increase in conversion rate

Achieved with the addition of social proof messaging.

£14m in incremental revenue

Adding social proof messaging was the single biggest driver of incremental revenues.

400 messages per second

Number of messages shown to customers during Black Friday 2016.

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6.98% uplift in conversion

Taggstar delivered a futher 6.98% uplift when social proof messaging was added to Product List Page

80 million messages sent

Taggstar sent over 80 million messages for Matalan over the course of the testing period

14 message types used

All fully customised to reflect Matalan's tone of voice and brand style

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