Oasis Sees 4.57% Online Conversion Uplift Using Taggstar


Blair Abrahams


November 25, 2019

Read how UK fashion giant, Oasis, is driving up online conversions with Taggstar, after getting our software on-site in just eight days.

Fashion retailer Oasis is using our social proof messaging software on its UK website to validate its shoppers’ buying decisions. Since adding the software in July 2019 it's seen conversion rate uplift of 4.57%.

Using real-time messages use data from the behaviour of previous shoppers Oasis shows its customers if a product is trending or is selling fast. By giving shoppers extra information to evaluate and shortlist their fashion choices, they’re helped to make the right product choice. 

Liam Price, digital director at Oasis said: “The Taggstar messages instigate an informed purchase, but we don’t want to drive impulse purchases. Our objective is to drive quality demand.”

Oasis now shows purchases, add-to-basket, and audience volumes. It was also the first retailer to try out Taggstar’s latest messages, known as ‘Since Last Visit’ (SLV) which inform customers how many times an item have been viewed, added-to-bag or bought since they last visited a product page.

The software went live on the Oasis website in just eight days, when the team was tasked with meeting a tight deadline in time for the summer sale. Liam Price commented that:

“It’s probably the quickest one we’ve ever done. Generally, a new technology partner would take two to three months to get over the line. It was a joint effort to make the deadline.”

After an initial 50:50 split test and the strong conversion uplift results, Oasis now displays social proof messages site-wide on all its product display pages. 

Something that is definitely on Oasis’ future roadmap is to explore where else in the customer buying journey they can benefit from injecting social proof messaging to engage their customers and drive up conversion rates e.g. in-store in digital displays and in social media.

Taggstar also works with a long list of enterprise brands including Shop Direct, Joules, Aldi, Matalan, Missguided, N Brown Group and TUI UK & Ireland. 

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