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Econsultancy Rates Taggstar's Social Proof on Argos


Marjorie Leonidas


November 30, 2015

Social proof is recognised as a number one example of best practice

Last week, UK digital consultants Econsultancy wrote a great article all about Argos’ product pages. And what did we see on the top spot?

Yep. Number one of their eight examples of best practice was ‘Creating urgency with social proof.’ Drum roll and trumpets over at Taggstar Towers. These messages are delivered by us.

Seeing that a key principle of social proof is that the wisdom of crowds is always stronger than an individual opinion, let’s use Econsultancy’s words and not ours to say why social proof works for retailers:

When the product page loads, I get these two messages appearing one after the other, then fading out after a few seconds.

‘X+ people are looking at this right now’ and ‘purchased 100+ times in the last 48 hrs’ are messages intended to create urgency and provide social proof (i.e. this item might not last forever, and if other people are buying it, it must be kosher).

These messages are only fleeting, and disappear quickly, which has the effect of increasing urgency further and decluttering the page somewhat.”

Want to try it for yourself? We’d be only too happy to give you a one month trial of Taggstar on your pages. Drop us a line here.

Read more about Taggstar in Retail Week and on AngelList.

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