5 Free Top Tips for Black Friday eCommerce Brilliance


Kate Cleevely


November 23, 2015

Taggstar lived through Black Friday 2014 and supported some of the UKs biggest eCommerce sites. We learnt a thing or two.

Taggstar lived through Black Friday 2014 and supported some of the UK’s biggest eCommerce sites. We learnt a thing or two about how retailers sell and how shoppers shop.

Black Friday is coming on 27 November.

UK shoppers, with the benefit of last year’s experience will be looking especially for hassle-free shopping and a stress-free route to the best discounts.

Taggstar was at the coalface as Black Friday 2014 happened, and it’s not a normal day. If you’re taking part this year, we’ve developed a short guide containing five tips the largest eCommerce sites are using to attract shoppers this year.

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