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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Through Peak Season 2019


Blair Abrahams


September 19, 2019

Adding social proof can help and engage customers in the product research and discovery phase. Learn how to add it to dynamic email campaigns this peak season.

Dynamic, real-time tools like social proof messaging help brands to address choice overload and to improve the customer experience. By displaying real-time shopping trends and reviews about what others have bought or viewed to help other customers make a confident purchase decision.

And using social proof shouldn’t be limited to your website.   Over promotional peaks like Black Friday, Cyber Weekend and Christmas, brands will want to showcase their best-ever customer experience on every retail channel and can now display Taggstar’s trusted social proof messaging on social media, direct and retargeted emails, display and retargeting ads, shopping vouchers, dynamic out-of-home advertising, also and in-store digital signage. 

This is important given the significant - and growing - influence of digital channels on an eventual sale. Although online shopping via a website is still important, in many cases, the consumer never touches the retailer’s website to research or buy. Today’s shopper may click through from a dynamic email, an advert, or from a social media story, photo or brand video as part of an offsite digital customer journey. These new retail channels are especially important because consumers can view third-party reviews and product shopping trends during the discovery and research phase. 

3 ways you can upgrade your Golden Quarter 2019 campaigns with social proof:

You’ll want to take every opportunity you can to attract shoppers over Golden Quarter 2019 and into 2020. Looking specifically at email, adding social proof messaging to personalised visual creative can give your campaigns the added bonus of creating urgency, increasing conversions, and sales. Working with our partner Movable Ink, we’ve listed three simple ways to inject the power of the crowd into your campaigns:

1. Display product trends to inspire and engage customers

Show shoppers what others like them are buying. Taggstar aggregates and displays real-time product views, add-to-bag and sales volumes. This data can be pulled these messages into your emails to keep your campaigns consistent across channels. The messages are designed to display specific shopping trends like “20 others have bought this in the last 24 hours” to increase product consideration and engagement. Taggstar’s A/B testing has shown that product pages using our social proof messaging are as much as 12% more likely to convert.

2. Incorporate live stock volumes

Real-time creative that answers your customers’ biggest needs at the moment of open is a must-have. If all of the information in your campaign is accurate and up-to-date brands will build trust with their consumers and reduce nasty surprises at checkout.

A good abandoned cart email, for example, will automatically display items that your customer recently added to their cart. A great abandoned cart email will include live pricing and stock volumes to let them know that they have limited time to act. Taggstar is able to surface real-time stock levels. Another way to increase product visibility and nudge consumers to purchase. 

3. Upgrade your customer experience

Using real-time product data like stock volumes, sales, add-to-basket volumes and views not only creates urgency and (during promotional events like Black Friday), will impress on the consumer that time is limited for a certain promotion. It also helps signpost popular items and adds rich product detail. In this way, social proof is an incremental way to upgrade your customer experience.

The real-time data helps to nudge the consumer to make a decision before limited stock runs out - because there’s nothing worse than missing out on a bargain is there?

It’s time to upgrade your campaigns with social proof

When it comes to incorporating social proof into your email campaigns, the setup doesn’t have to be labour-intensive. Platforms like Movable Ink and Taggstar work together, making it easy for marketers to tap into data sources and bring important details like popularity, stock volumes, reviews and more directly into your campaigns. 

Read our full eBook to find out how to use social proof during your peak season campaigns.

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