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New Forrester report: how Matalan taps social proof messaging to improve the customer journey

This report analyses how this retailer uses social proof messaging to better support customer needs and decision making online.

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How Social Proof Messaging can Beat FOGAT (Fear Of Gifting A Turkey)

It’s better to give than to receive. Sadly, gift buying is a minefield. Here's how social proof can combat FOGAT ('Fear Of Gifting A Turkey' in case you wondered)?

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Using Social Proof Messaging To Sell Gifts & Overcome Buyers' Block

How social proof can help gift buyers with the challenge and anxiety of finding and purchasing the perfect gift - and increase retail conversions.

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3 Ways to Upgrade Digital Marketing Campaigns for Peak Season 2019

Add social proof to help and engage customers in the product research and discovery phase. Learn how to add it to dynamic email campaigns this peak season.

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We've Made Personalised Social Proof Possible

We're first to launch new, personalised social proof messages, increasing the ways you can enhance your customer experience, digital commerce and improve profitability.

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How Online Travel Agents are Winning at eCommerce Optimisation

We take you through some of the key travel trends and explain how social proof can help your customers make better booking decisons - driving your conversions by 2.5% on average!

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Using Social Proof to Fix 5 Black Friday eCommerce Challenges

Taggstar tracked conversion rate uplift of up to 3.75% over Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016. Read how social proof could improve your Black Friday sales.

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N Brown Grows Online Sales by £2m with Taggstar Social Proof Messaging

Leading digital fashion retailer N Brown Group, has generated additional revenues of £2m in just a few months by adding Taggstar.

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Can Social Proof Messaging Solve the Problem of Fit in Online Fashion?

With returns costing retailers millions in lost revenue, see how you can use social proof to solve the problem.

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How to Use Social Proof to Optimise Programmatic Ad Spend

Yesterday we announced Taggstar’s new partnership with Jivox, leaders in dynamic personalised digital advertising

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Don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers say.

"Our tests are conclusive: customers who see Taggstar’s messages are more likely to checkout and spend more. Taggstar has been the single biggest driver of incremental revenues".

Jonathan Wall

eCommerce Director

“Considering all of the tests we’ve run with Taggstar have been a big success, it means that we’ll always try and take that dynamic and apply it elsewhere”.

Paul Hornby

eCommerce Director

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2.7% increase in conversion rate

Achieved with the addition of social proof messaging.

£14m in incremental revenue

Adding social proof messaging was the single biggest driver of incremental revenues.

400 messages per second

Number of messages shown to customers during Black Friday 2016.

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6.98% uplift in conversion

Taggstar delivered a futher 6.98% uplift when social proof messaging was added to Product List Page

80 million messages sent

Taggstar sent over 80 million messages for Matalan over the course of the testing period

14 message types used

All fully customised to reflect Matalan's tone of voice and brand style

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