What to Expect:
Onboarding Taggstar

It's quick and easy to add Taggstar to your website with a simple JavaScript tag

Step 1: Kickoff & Planning

You’ll meet your Taggstar team and start planning. We’ll learn about about your current setup and priorities through a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), who is in charge of building the plan to guide you through onboarding and to define who’s doing what. They’ll take you through our design and data layer requirements, technical implementation, quality assurance (QA) and tagging.

Step 2 - 3: Design & Survey

You’ll complete your designs and our data layer survey with support from Taggstar’s CSM. They’ll provide best practice examples and social proof message guidance.

In the background, we’ll schedule your deployment into our development stack. The goal is to begin as soon as we receive your designs.

Step 4: Development

Development work starts once we have your designs and the data layer survey.  When complete, you’ll receive Taggstar’s QA onboarding guide and JavaScript tag. You’ll now be able to see and sign-off what your social proof messages will look on different devices. This is also when we’ll create your account for the Taggstar dashboard, where you can track the results of your experiments.

Step 5: Kickoff & Planning

Tagging and QA testing begins. We provide a QA guide that helps you tag your staging or development environment. As always, your CSM is on-hand to answer questions and give technical assistance.

Step 6: Finalise & Go Live!

QA will now be complete and you’ll tag your live site. Taggstar will perform data validation to make sure that our reporting data is accurate. This is important because we are proud that the numbers shown in your messages are factual. We aim for around 95% accuracy.  You’ll also get your dashboard login to view and track how your messages perform.

Ongoing: Optimise & Learn

Experiment and improve! We’ll help you set up Taggstar vs. Taggstar message experiments to see how a treatment group performs vs. those who don’t see social proof messages. You’ll work with our CSM to define this experiment roadmap where you’ll learn how to extend the messaging up the funnel, to encourage conversion rate uplift.

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