Taggstar increases your sales conversion rate and customer engagement with real time social proof messaging

Engage customers

If shoppers know something is popular, selling fast or highly-rated by others, they’re more likely to buy. That’s social-proof. Proactive but subtle, our technology pulls data from purchasing patterns, audience activity and customer reviews for all your products to deliver live, accurate messages as shoppers browse.

We track ‘add-to-basket’ and purchase conversions too, optimising as we go. We’re experts at knowing which messages - and message combinations - will help you sell more - faster.

Increase customer engagement levels

Taggstar delivers unique social proof messaging, compiling and mapping data points relating to purchasing patterns, audience activity and customer reviews for every product in your online store. Our messaging engine then analyses this data to give your customers live insights as they browse your site.

Because we're tracking add-to-basket and purchase conversions too, we know exactly which types of message, and combinations of message, are the most effective for your particular site, thus optimising as we go.

Instant conversion uplift

Taggstar can be the difference between an abandoned basket and a completed order click. We cover the whole customer journey from product galleries and search results, to customer baskets. Our messages tell your shoppers that five others are about to beat them to it!

Taggstar is proven to:

  • Increase conversions at every stage of the shopping funnel
  • Increase add to basket
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Reduce cart abandonment

Simple integration and management

Taggstar is designed to be simple. Integration is an easy Javascript ‘copy and paste’ to get you running - and selling more - as soon as possible. Fully-customisable, the look, feel, design, layout and language is up to you. Once in place, our clever analytics kick in, optimising as we go.

Cross platform

Works across any desktop, tablet and mobile device for all types of e-commerce, including: Retail, Property, Entertainment, Travel and Finance.

Consumer insights

Want detailed buyer data? Our real-time platform is compatible with major 3rd-party web analytics, giving you impressions, conversion uplift rates, device types and purchase revenue, and buying trends according to A/B product messaging.

A/B Testing

Visitors that see a Taggstar message are more likely to buy - we can prove it!. Taggstar is proven to increase sales -

  • Across desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Across a broad range of product categories
  • Across seasonal variations
  • In different markets, product retailers and online travel

Reach more buyers

Include Taggstar messages in your search results, mobile marketing, mobile apps, PPC or social campaigns. Our JavaScript and REST APIs make it easy.

  • Build site credibility with total visitor and order numbers on your homepage
  • Include social proof messaging within Google Adwords, PPC and social campaigns

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