How It Works

Sign up. Copy and paste a few lines of code. Start tagging!

Taggstar is a free widget for your web site that turns images into an even more exciting, engaging and social medium.

There's no software to download and you don't have to be Einstein to get it to work. Just sign up, then copy and paste some JavaScript into the html of your web site. It's kind of like adding a hit tracking widget, or a Google Analytics tracking tag into your site.


Once installed, tagging is easy. Just point and click to place hotspots on pictures, adding rich content such as video, music and shopping links. It's sort of a digital version of placing pins on a board. Your site's images are the board and Taggstar provides the pins.

But wait, there's more than just tagging.

People like to share the images they discover, which is why when you install Taggstar, every image on your site gets its very own "share" tool bar. This means visitors to your site can share your wonderful images with the rest of the world.

Everyone always has a few questions of their own, so here are the answers to some of the most frequently wondered...

Key questions

Will Taggstar work on my site?
Taggstar works on all sites except WordPress hosted sites (and we're working on sorting that out). Those are specifically Wordpress sites that are actually hosted by WordPress. If you're hosting your own site and simply using WordPress as a content management system, then Taggstar will work just fine. Taggstar works with all other blogging platforms and of course, your own hosted site.

Will Taggstar slow down my site?
No. The whole point of Taggstar is to help make your site even better, which is why we've spent so much time time making sure our technology is robust and super speedy. With sub-100 millisecond load times, it is.

And if being fast wasn't enough, we've also designed Taggstar always to load last on your site. We call it "polite loading", which means that if something were to happen at our end, you'd never know about it.

How do I make money?
There are a couple of ways to make money using Taggstar.

  1. Link products in images with online shops by pasting your own affiliate links, such as or Linkshare.
  2. Use our "Create a Shop" feature which dynamically pulls products into tags from our network of online retailers (this is currently only available to certain Publishers on request).

We also have some exciting new monetisation features in the pipeline that we know you'll love. We'll let you know when they become available.

How do I track performance?
Just login at for your very own real-time reporting dashboard. It includes daily traffic, image views, engagement rates, click rates and more stats than you can shake a stick at.

Still want to know more? Visit our detailed FAQ page.

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